1888, London, capital of the world

London thrums. London lives, breathing and spitting. The days when one can still make out the colour of the sky are growing increasingly scarce. At night, the moonlight barely manages to pierce through the smog -this mix of fog, stinking fumes and factory smoke that permanently shrouds the metropolis.

Ruler of the Empire Queen Victoria stands fast as protector of domestic peace. Although a dreadful terrorist attack has left her seriously handicapped and confined to Buckingham palace, she honours the duties of her rank, whether they be the necessities of the nation’s colonial policy, supported by the British army, or the demands of the court where she is required to keep embodying everlasting imperial power for the sake of aristocrats who are ever haughtier and more disdainful of the unprivileged.

At Parliament, a Lord’s life is taxing. Reasons for disagreements and arguments between the Necromancers and their adversaries, the Steamlords, abound and maintain empire politics in a state of permanent unrest.
Steam power has brought the industrial barons uncountable commercial orders. Much of the buzzing city’s population can only watch helplessly as fast-paced and uncontrolled mutations alter their environment and as their daily life undergoes radical changes.

Every day, the most unfortunate citizens of London endure the drawbacks and excesses of progress and more and more often take to the streets to express their discontent. Gloom, social and political unrest, plots, indifference… although most of the Smog’s inhabitants admittedly trod on, clueless, some of them belong to one of the seven major clans that each -in its own way- represents an aspect of this thrilling and unique world. Heroes and villains, mad scientists and sinister plotters, sorcerers and necromancers… all seek to make the most out of every opportunity.