“The World of Smog” is first and foremost the story of my human and artistic meeting with Christophe Madura, who was then a genius designer at Rakham (game publisher). In 2003, he shows me his first images of this imaginary world, drawn in the dark of his small Paris studio (Studio Clandestin). These original drawings of Smog quickly bewitched me and my brain promptly imploded! Christophe threw me his typical amused look and added “Welcome to this world of madmen!”.

As I have a fondness for both madmen and challenges, I just had to join the adventure. This sudden passion has never faded since and has driven me to breathe life into this universe.

In 2009, I create my own independent production company, Panache Animation, and I present Christophe with the opportunity of reactivating the Smog project.

It is our pleasure today to present a universe that is rich in extraordinary adventures, as well as an open world where everyone can find his place and his favourite media: whether you are a fan of board games, an intense reader of comic books, a collector of figures, a lover of epic stories, you will find more than enough to satisfy any aspect of yours! Welcome to “The World of Smog”!

On our site, you will be able to follow all coming developments for this ambitious universe, participate in the scheduled launches for 2014 and immerse into a world that will surprise you by how rich and original it is.

We thank you for your support and welcome you aboard this wonderful journey!

Guillaume Noblet


Author & designer

Christophe Madura


Guillaume Noblet

Valérie Seban

Background drawings

Georges Cl4renko


Chloé Veillard (motion design)

Alexis Durand & Xavier Benoist – Pocket Studio ( music & Sound design)

Comic book

Rémi Guérin (story)

Fred Remuzat (drawing)

Illustrated novel

Rémi Guérin (story)

Christophe Madura (drawings)


Grégory Clavilier (sculptor)


Christophe Madura (designs)

Yoann Lemonier (rules)

Grégory Clavilier (sculptor)

David Rakoto (background text)

Guest authors : New authors will be invited to participate and share their interpretation of the World of Smog universe on their preferred medium.