Master Fox

Banned from the faery world for sinister reasons he would rather keep silent, excommunicated by his peers and sentenced to living in unsettling London, Master Fox is quite determined to make the most of his talents.

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Graphic novel

The Man who knew too much

London... capital of the most unreasonable excesses... disrespectful mother of Europe... London has just experience a painful birth, a heinous act…

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On her Majesty’s service

While Queen Victoria prepares to seal an alliance with Oberon of Faerie, some precious artifacts were stolen. Will you be wise enough to resolve the matter with discretion and diligence?

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Welcome in The World of SMOG !

1889. The British Empire rules the world. Its capital attracts wonders, horrors, and curiosities from every corner of the globe.

Years of unbridled scientific and paranormal experimentation have transformed London into an extraordinary stage for the most miraculous and terrifying events. The sudden appearance of monsters, the machinations of secret cults, and the rampages of infernal machines regularly contend for space on the front page of The Times.

Enter The World of Smog, a steampunk universe rich of extraordinary adventures !

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Cool Mini or NotLa croisée des chimères